Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Ultrasound - Check!

Well we went this week to have the big mid-pregnancy ultrasound. They look at the organs, legs, face, etc to make sure the baby is OK and has no issues. From what we saw and what the technician told us, all seemed great with the baby. We both turned our heads when they determined the sex, so it still remains a mystery and will until September. :)

We did however find out some interesting news during the ultrasound as well. It seems that I have 2 placentas. This is not overly common, could have been caused from a twin that didn't make it early on, or sometimes the placenta has 2 lobes. Does not sound like a huge issue, just one more item for them to check of the list during the birth. The DR is going to monitor as we get closer to make sure all is OK. But sounds like no harm to little Gummy.

Here is an updated picture of the growing belly. I have another DR appt next week, so more updates then.

Happy almost Friday!

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