Sunday, May 23, 2010

6 months and counting

Well, we are officially 6 months along. I am amazed as to how fast time if flying by. Definitely feel little Gummy moving a lot these days. Still not big enough to see hands or feet move over the belly yet, but I assume in a another month we will be there.

Had our monthly DR appt yesterday. Nothing exciting to update anyone on. Just waiting for the results from the diabetes test. Should hear early this week if we are in the clear. Also learned we will most likely not have any additional ultrasounds. So looks like our next viewing of Gummy will be in September. EXCITING!

Here is the latest belly shot. I am trying to get more pictures of Brad and I actually prego to share. Hope to get some over Labor Day weekend. I am sure you will all find them more exciting then looking at my bare belly.

Have a great week.

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