Friday, April 23, 2010

Half way there!

Wow, not really sure where the last 20 weeks have gone. So that means the next 20 weeks will fly by and we will have a little baby for you all to meet.

Had a chance to talk to the DR about the double placenta situation. She does not seemed concerned about this at all and said they sometime see this post birth. So better they know about it now so we can anticipate both during the birth. They are going to continue to monitor it, but said it should not affect Gummy at all.

Here is another fun belly picture. Still growing. Gained about 8lbs to date, so not bad.

Hope everyone is getting some nice spring weather. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Ultrasound - Check!

Well we went this week to have the big mid-pregnancy ultrasound. They look at the organs, legs, face, etc to make sure the baby is OK and has no issues. From what we saw and what the technician told us, all seemed great with the baby. We both turned our heads when they determined the sex, so it still remains a mystery and will until September. :)

We did however find out some interesting news during the ultrasound as well. It seems that I have 2 placentas. This is not overly common, could have been caused from a twin that didn't make it early on, or sometimes the placenta has 2 lobes. Does not sound like a huge issue, just one more item for them to check of the list during the birth. The DR is going to monitor as we get closer to make sure all is OK. But sounds like no harm to little Gummy.

Here is an updated picture of the growing belly. I have another DR appt next week, so more updates then.

Happy almost Friday!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Almost halfway there!!

We are just around the corner from week 20. WOOHOO! We have a big couple weeks coming up. From our big ultrasound next week, to our first flight and to meeting the grandparents (the Yoder's), Gummy and crew will be on the move.

All is going well this week. The belly is for sure growing, but still waiting to really LOOOK pregnant.

Stop by next week when we will have MUCH better updates, hopefully new photos of Gummy and some good info from the DR after the ultrasound.

Happy Spring!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Woops!! Past 2 weeks have been VERY busy. Sorry for the missed post.

Nothing too exciting to report. Just cruising along. We have our big ultrasound in a few weeks. At that point they will check out all the organs and do some measurements. We will continue to avoid the sex of the baby. Hopefully we can get through that ultrasound without seeing anything to ruin the surprise. :)

Saw my DR last week. Heard the heart beat. All seems to be fine. Only gained about 4 lbs total in the past 4 months, so everyone is happy.

Here is the growing belly. It is growing for those who are not believers. Had to go up one pant size, so just about ready to retire my regular jeans. :(

Promise to be better next week. Happy Easter to all!