Saturday, February 28, 2015

8 Months, where has time gone!!

WOW, so have not had a post in sometime. We are currently in crunch mode to get ready for the arrival. Lots of pictures and updates below.

Still feeling good for 33 weeks pregnant with twins. Moving slower and swollen feet and legs seem to be the only issues I am having. The girls are VERY active and are always kicking, punching and moving around. As FUN as being pregnant is, I must say, I am kind of ready to have these little ones out and meet them. :)

Our last ultrasound was at 32 weeks. Baby A was measuring about 4.6 lbs and Baby B was around 3.13 lbs. The doctor estimated about 5 lbs each. So that is about 4 lbs more of baby than Sydney was at birth that I am carrying around. For sure feel it, but not horrible. The doctor said that twins are full term around 36 - 37 weeks (40 week for singleton), so anything after St Patty's Day is good! He also does not see then going anywhere anytime soon, so assuming all stays as is, we should make twin full term with these girls.

I have also started weekly non-stress tests. They basically monitor the heart beats and measure the fluid in each amnionic sac. As well, I will start weekly doctor appointments next week so they can keep a close eye on me and the twins.

Here are some fun images of the last few months, from growing belly to cool pictures of the babies.

30 Week Belly - BIG!!!
33 Week Belly - EVEN BIGGER!!!
Napa getaway at 30 weeks
Hanging around the house at 33 weeks
CC and Brad at 33 weeks
Sydney and CC at 33 weeks
Sydney hugging her baby sisters at 33 weeks
Final got a good picture of Baby B. You can see her cute little face and hands!
Baby A is smiling for the camera!
In trying to get everything done before their arrival, we did manage to buy a new car. It should arrive this Monday and give us enough room to get all 4 girls (yes, including Mochi) around in comfort! We are CLOSE on the house front. Put an offer on an amazing house this past week, but didn't get it. We still have 3 - 4 more weeks to focus on open houses and find another house of our dreams. Fingers cross all the stars align and we will at least be in escrow during the first month the girls are around.

Should have a better idea of our birth plan next week after the Doctor's appointment. As one baby is heads up and the other is heads down, not really sure if we are going to be able to have a natural birth, might be on the c-section route, but should have a better idea next week.

Well, a lot to update you all on, but still chugging along. :) Exciting stuff!!!